Raton : Gateway !
Reprinted from June 1937 New Mexico

INTO THE SUNSHINE STATE, soon or late, passes a throng of visitor’s intent upon pleasure, recreation, sportsmanship, business – who enter through the Gateway City!

Over “The Pass” famous Raton Pass, trekked the trapper, the adventurer, the scout, the soldier, the Indian, the pioneer.

Then followed the rails, when Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad made its essay into New Mexico in 1879.

Later, came the famous Scenic Highway over the Pass, with its charm and delight to the traveler.

And over all now flies the airship, making the 24 miles from Trinidad in a handful of minutes whereas it took General Stephen Watts Kearny and his Army of Occupation which claimed New Mexico into the American Union, a period of four days to traverse.

Nestling in the valley, and yet with an altitude of 6666 feet, Pass and hills and mesas on three sides, the plains to the south and southeast. Raton population of nearly 7,000, market center, convention center, crossroads of travel, seeks to fulfill its destiny and to serve all who come and go.

Retail, manufacturing, jobbing, schools, churches, recreational headquarters for the fine region stretching back of it, Raton has much to commend it and to give it thrive.

Municipally-owned light and water plants, lowest rates in the state, adding to their dams and housing this year the better to serve, give economic and social strength to the city.

Hotels for comfort and convenience which are not excelled elsewhere, hospitable citizenship, an alert civic organization, new public buildings to meet the demands of a growing city, Raton offers much to visitors.

Completed the last year is a ½ million-dollar courthouse: a $40,000 grade school, named for the intrepid soldier who led his Army of Occupation over the Pass to make the Province of New Mexico the United States Territory of New Mexico — – General Stephen Watts Kearny.

Gateway from the north, near gateway from the east whence comes the Texans, the Oklahomans, the Kansans, seeking health, recreation, sports, Raton’s position for New Mexico is strategic.

Beautiful Cimarron Canon, marvelous Eagle Nest Lake, the Red River and Taos sectors, Springer, Farley, Dawson, Maxwell, the fine five camps of the Rocky Mountain Company– -these go to make Raton’s opportunity and responsibility a thing of genuine investment. To be Gateway to such a Kingdom as Colfax is at once a privilege and a sober duty.

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad has important headquarters here.

Southern Pacific Railroad passes through the county.

Livestock, finest Hereford purebred herds in the country, makes the county famous.

So the City of Raton greets all comers and asks them, “What will you?”

Raton: Todays Gateway City !

“What will you?” Travelers will experience all that those who came before and much more.

Traversing the Raton Pass; Interstate 25; thousands of vehicles move people and commerce daily. Crossing the plains to the Southern Rocky Mountains travelers intersect Raton on US Highways 64-87.

Amtrak provides the traveler a train experience on the historical Santa Fe Trail, through Wooten Ranch and Raton Tunnel, running north and south daily.

Modern airships dot our skies, utilizing Raton’s Municipal Airport; Crews Field, which provides FBO services by Express Aviation.

Miners Colfax Medical Center providing quality health care services to the regional since 1906.

Walk through Raton’s historic district, experience its rich history and culture, visit the Raton Museum, Old Pass Art Gallery, the Shuler and El Raton  Theaters. Explore the many parks and walking trails, play a round of golf, take a swim in the state of art indoor aquatic center, set your sites at the NRA Whittington Center, experience wildlife, the great outdoors, and visit the State and National Parks located within just miles of our boundaries.

Raton’s position for New Mexico is still strategic today, continuing to enhance the health, wellness and quality of life for her residents and visitors alike.

As Father Stanley wrote “Protected on three sides by mountains, Raton is cradled by Mother Nature herself in beauty, freshness and simplicity that time cannot erase. It has a heritage that lifts the heads of its inhabitants even above the lofty mountain peaks. It is indeed “The Gate City”.”

Explore and Discover the rich and diverse history of Raton, New Mexico, “The Gateway City to the Land of Enchantment”.