How to Register your Business

Use the following steps to list and edit your free Bronze Business Listing Membership. If you you would like more features and benefits you can check out our Silver and Gold memberships.

  1. If you are doing business in the 87740 area code and would like to be able to edit your business listing on this site first go to the Raton Business Directory and check to see if your business is already listed. The business names should look as the appeared on your business registration with the city. Use the Search box on the right if you don’t find it in after scanning the list.
  2. If you did not find your business listing you can go to the Free Business Registration and register your business. After Registering your Business you have not received an email within 24 hours with your business registration information please contact us.
  3. If you found your business in step number one you need to Registering a user to be able to update your business listing. Please wait for 30 minutes before you try to log in to edit your account. If you believe someone has registered a user for you business without your permission contact us.
  4. After you have waited for 30 minuets you can now Login To Edit Your Business. You will see how your business with look when someone selects in in the Raton Business Directory. To edit your business go to the bottom of your page and select click here to edit your business listing.

All done with editing? Click here to logout.

Click Here to read how to remove your saved logins 

The free business listing on is for businesses who do business in the 87740 area code. If your business is not located in the 87740 area code and you are doing business in the Greater Raton area go to the Free Business Registration page and fill out the form. Make sure you fill in the last box and tell us why you believe it should be listed.